February 16, 2010

Something for your funny bone...

Nate was talking with the kids after church on Sunday about what they learned in Sunday School. Nienna usually just says "I played with toys and sang songs." But this time Nate asked her some questions specifically. The first couple questions were answered with a hearty "God!", but when Nate asked her who was the greatest creator her answer was a hearty "The Man with the Yellow Hat".

I guess we need a few more Bible Stories around here... :)


  1. There's the old joke about the Sunday School teacher who asks the kids what is gray, has a bushy tail and eats acorns. One of the kids replies, "It sounds like a squirrel, but I'm going to say Jesus."

  2. What a reply to your question Nate! Was the man in the yellow hat Curious George's friend? You never know what they are thinking, do you.

  3. Tis true. And yes, it is Curious George's friend she was refering to. :)