February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow...

I am looking out my window this morning and watching all the snow come down.

It seems that something profound should come after that statement, but I am drawing a blank. :) I just am thankful this morning.
Thankful for the snow - even though it is cold, it looks like a big blanket the ground is wrapping up in. Kind of like a security from God. I love seeing and feeling secure in Christ!
Thankful for my husband - he brings much joy to me and always tries to point me back to Christ. I need him in my life.
Thankful for my friends - we had a small gathering last night for the Super Bowl (though I personally didn't watch any of the game) and it was sweet fellowship. My kids had a wonderful time being with their friends (and their friend's toys) too.
Thankful for my children - because they bring familiarity to my life. I mean, what would my morning be like if Jared wasn't creating something with cardboard, Peter wasn't asking tons of questions and rhyming every other word that comes out of his mouth, and Nienna wasn't sitting quietly on my lap drinking her morning milk.

So, thank you Lord for giving me so much! May I see your hand more and more today and may it lead me to love you more. Amen.

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