October 19, 2009


Yesterday ended on my favorite note - bittersweet chocolate. However, no chocolate was involved.

God allowed something to happen that tried my faith and strength. It really hurt, emotionally! But he was there through it all - as was Nate - and the fight was so hard. Then once victory came all I could do was cry. But I wasn't sad...

I think it is like that for a soldier who fights a battle with all his strength; many times not knowing if he is winning or losing. He just keeps swinging his sword. Then out of the blue he hears the horn that sounds his side's victory call. He wants to just collapse and weep out of exhaustion. His battle was bittersweet.

I know that is what I tasted. That is why bittersweet chocolate is so good - it takes bitterness to make the cocoa and sugar taste that much sweeter. That is the kind of victory God gave me.