November 4, 2009

Looking beyond the picture...

I try to see the light of Christ in all around me; in my life and in what I post on here. But Pastor John's sermon on Sunday made me rethink that. I have been seeing Jesus as the source of light and the light. But here is where I went wrong: I was looking for light not for Jesus.

An example of that would be my praying and longing for a calm productive home where I could complete the homeschooling, finish my housework and not have my children fighting all day long. So what's wrong with wanting that?

I was longing for the peace of my home, not for the Prince of Peace! My home and my heart will not be peaceful without Christ as the head and highest treasure. If I don't seek for him, I won't have peace. On the other hand, if I seek for him and don't have peace, my heart can still be peaceful. That is because I have him!

This is still a work in progress, I will struggle with this until I die. Maybe that's why it's called a fight of faith. So there is where my prayer will be: that my heart would go beyond the picture of light to the source of light who is Light, constantly.

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