December 15, 2008

Light in the darkest places...

I was reading Ezekiel this morning and had to stop and wonder at God's timing.

Ezekiel is in exile in Babylon, Jerusalem is destroyed, God's people are scattered or dead. So here at a canal in a place where the gods come from water and do horrid immoral things God chooses to open the heavens and show a marvelous vision of Christ to Ezekiel.

The question I asked was, "Why did God choose to reveal this here?" Then I remembered countless other times when God chose to "open the heavens" and they were always in the hardest, darkest times.

So I have hope in God that he will continue to work as he always has and bring light "when all other lights go out".

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  1. I miss you gwyn! So glad I can hear your heart here :) Love, Christa