December 18, 2008

God's goodness...

Yesterday was a day full of pain and trials. But it ended with a good fight. And yes, the fight was against spiritual powers and principalities. It was against my flesh wanting to be in control and not letting God be Lord of my life.

The main reason for this battle was God getting hold of me and showing me that I was placing my identity in my home and family, not in what Christ did for me on Calvary. That removal or peeling back of sin encrusted on my heart to show Christ again was extremely painful. But I think that the more I get to know Christ the more I get to know my own flesh and how sinful it truly is. Therefore the removal of the sins hidden deep in me become more pain-filled the deeper the sanctification goes.

I am very thankful for God's grace in helping me bear the pain, his love in wanting to make me more like his Son, and for a loving husband who labors and sorrows with me in this battle.

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