September 10, 2008

Practically applied...

Yesterday was a good day to help me apply all these thoughts on heaven.

When I had to carry my 2-year-old kicking and screaming 4 blocks from the park to home the thought of God and the hope of no more sin became very real to me.

When the neighbor kids picked on and teased my sons until my sons did something wrong and the neighbors could come and tattle on them to get them in trouble the thought of peace and righteousness and my child's tears being wiped away forever came home quickly.

When selfish desires to keep the house clean or have some quiet time to just knit came God used joy in serving him and conviction of my wanting to get the final glory.

Heaven is a hope and a change agent for me. I continue to sin - and those around me too. I continue to hurt and experience pain. My children grow and learn the trouble a cursed world causes and are hurt by it again and again. But God is using heaven to keep me hoping in him. He is the reason there will be a new heaven and new earth. Oh, I long for the day when I will see his hand in all this.

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