September 8, 2008

Heaven, part 5...

I have been thinking on and analyzing the new heaven and the new earth. I have always thought heaven was some far off land that was so different and "out there" from where we live now. This has always confused me. I know that heaven will be better than here, but why would God put a favorite flower or landscape in my mind and then take it away? I know that sounds selfish, but I don't mean it to.

The new earth will be just that - earth. Only, it will have no sin effects on it, no decay and rot and rust. There will be flowers and trees and waterfalls and animals (dinosaurs too - Jared's ultimate desire). They will be the same flowers and trees and waterfalls and animals that are here now.

So as I think on this I find great peace. Not only will I still be Gwyn in heaven, I will still be able to enjoy the pictures and whispers of God in nature and animals. The crowning joy of all that is I will enjoy these things in God's presence. With him, not just about him. That truly is heaven!

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