May 9, 2011

Busy Morning Light

God showed himself to our family on a busy, event-filled Saturday morning. We were out shopping and running errands with all 3 kids for 4 1/2 hours and God gave much grace to enjoy the morning and get everything done.
First, while we were waiting outside the Registry while Nate was doing paperwork for our car. All around the grass by our car were little sticks that had falled off the trees. So the kids rounded up as many as they could find and we tried to build a log house. What do you think? Jared prefered breaking it down the house before we left. :)

When we got home it was time for lunch and pbj's were on the menu. This is what we found when we opened the new jar of peanut butter.

It is always interesting to see the little details that God uses to show that he is still with us. We just need eyes to see them. So I invite you to join me in looking for these details and in growing to see better every day.

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