March 28, 2011

There is always hope...

After recently telling my friends that I am not that contemplative, it seems that God is making me retract that statement. Or at least reminding me that I am His no matter what my personality's default is. :)

These past few days are causing all the deep thoughts and reasonings. I have had intense creatively juicy days followed by serious doldrums. Then I woke up this morning missing many, many things of my home country: a kind of homesickness.

All this up and down of my emotions is causing me to reflect and figure out what is going on. So this is where God is taking me:

 Psalm 65:9 starts with "You visit the earth and water it; you greatly enrich it." This reminded me (along with the sunshine this morning) that spring is coming. But He is the one who is bringing it. My thought that there is always hope is what God is using to help me understand all these crazy roller-coaster emotions. He is taking care of the earth. From the frost in the morning to the sunset at evening and back again He is in control. So my hope is that because I am of more value than many sparrows He is taking care of me too.

So as the song I heard on Sunday says, I will "Go down to deep waters." The Spirit will lead me there and refresh me....that is my hope.

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