February 14, 2011


A practical way to show love to my daughter this Valentine's Day: help her clean out toe jam.

Yep, you read that right. Nienna still has trouble putting socks on her little feet; so everyday she brings me a pair of colorful, girly socks and asks me to help her put them on. If they happen to be inside out she will take care of putting them right-side-out. (She likes to give them a couple good shakes and thinks that is magic.) Then she puts one foot up, hands me a sock and stretches her little toe away from the next one. My job is to take her sock and rub out anything that looks like dirt from between all her toes. Then, and only then, can I put her sock on her foot. We then repeat the process for the other foot.

So if you can't think of something awesome and earth-shattering to do for someone you love today, try something practical: like cleaning out their toe jam. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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