May 24, 2010

Happy, happy, joy, joy...

This is what my second son sounded like on Saturday.

It was Peter's 6th birthday and he found out he had 2 loose teeth, he had helped make a pyramid birthday cake (with chocolate rice crispies), he ate hamburgers and cheese jalapano cheetos. Then to top it all off, the mail came just before lunch and in it was a package from his aunt with a reptile sticker book and a t-shirt in it. Peter's body was just oozing excitement! (And Peter knows how to ooze...) He was going to top the whole day off with a campout in the living room with the family. I wish I had found my camera to show you what he looked like. {This picture is from a different day...}

Peter's happiness is so contagious; it may border on pure foolishness at times, but overall he is a ray of sunlight in our family. God has blessed him with the gift of making people happy. Our prayer for him this year is that he know the God who blessed him with joy in a personal and glorifying way. We want him to find his ultimate happiness in Christ.

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