August 11, 2009


Knitting is my form of creativity these days. I used to play the piano, cross-stitch, make my own cards; but knitting has taken over these for now. This is because of the time needed to pursue those other crafts is time I don't have. But that is just my season of life...

I have been rereading Edith Schaeffer's book The Hidden Art of Homemaking. I was struck with the connection she always makes with Christ and art. It is like reading something by Spurgeon or C. J. Mahaney. They always find a way to bring it back to Christ.

So, I thought, does my knitting take me back to Christ and the gospel? Do I view this 'art form' as Christ would have me view it?

I know that can sound like I am over-spiritualizing knitting, but don't worry that's not where I am going. Many times I find myself overwhelmed and frustrated that I can't find a certain pattern, or make a knitted item do what I think it should, or figure out a new stitch. This can often lead to anger or apathy which spills over into my daily life.

I am still working through this thought, but where my knitting connects me with the cross is where is doesn't cause me to sin and where it blesses either me or others or both of us. It is like the manna God gave the Israelites. The same food over and over. I can knit and knit and make dozens of things, but they will stay the same and cause me to long for something more intricate or better yarn. I need to take what yarn, needles and skills God has given me so far and use the creativity he placed in me to make what is needed now. Just like the Israelites could have used their creativity in cooking to make the manna taste and look different every time. This takes discipline, wisdom and patience - three things I need more of in all areas of my life.

So my prayer is that I will not long for linen and silk and more intricate cables and stitches and impressing people with my skills. But that I will enjoy the simple patterns and strive for growth in learning new things without it causing covetousness or pride. Only Christ can save me from those sins...

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  1. Loved reading your heart. i am so glad you post letters here -- since i can hear your heart from where i am :)