July 28, 2009

Bear with me...

...and pray for me too. :)

Sorry for the silence on my part. Lots going on and my mind is so full I can't seem to put something together that makes sense - even to me. I will be posting again soon as life starts to get back to normal. I will try and work through some of the things that have been filling my life and mind of late so you can share them with me.

Just a small note: Nienna found a pair of scissors yesterday and tried to give herself a haircut. This can be seeing God's light in the fact that nothing went as it should of yesterday and this was God's way of reminding me he is still in control.
This is before...
These 2 are after...

1 comment:

  1. Our granddaughter can be creative. My sister did that when she was young only it was on the side cut off by the ear. There was no way she could hide it. Sometimes things can shock you and wonder how they could think of doing it and later you can only laugh.