April 6, 2009

What to do...

This question has been on my mind for a few weeks. God very quietly and graciously helped answer this question.

I had a knitting newsletter in my e-mail from a magazine I don't even subscribe to. But as I read through it, one of the reader's comments at the bottom struck me. She said that she knits whatever projects come to her mind and compiles them at the end of each year. She never has a person or need in mind when she knits. Then she takes her stash of items to the Christmas gathering and lets her kids and grand kids pick what they want. They all go nuts over the items and love everything they find. That is how she gives to her family.

This is how I usually do life, not just my knitting. I am spontaneous, not a big planner, and let the circumstances guide my decisions. {Of course, there are doctrines and principles from the Word that direct my moral compass.}

This small comment {and an interview CJ Mahaney had with David Powlison} has helped me see how I work with life. I understand this way of thinking and working. Though I am still not fully convinced as to what this will look like, I now have a direction to steer with my home, family, ministry desires and creative outlets.

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