October 20, 2008

My light this weekend...

I truly want to praise and thank my hubby, Nate, for being God's light to me these last few days. This is not the "oh, I'm so glad my husband is home from work" line. I have been there and that is not light (even if I have chalked it up to that).

As God is working in me to be a better mother and homemaker I am learning to trust my heavenly Father more. So when I have a hard fought day, Nate can come home and be at rest without having to think he needs to fix everything. Instead I am learning to work together with him on making our home. Consequently, this is bringing peace to our home and marriage.

However, this past weekend God used Nate as a source of bright light to me. He encouraged me and helped me see God when there was darkness. So I want to thank him for loving and helping me. I am truly grateful for my wonderful husband and friend.

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