October 17, 2008

The Lord's Prayer...

I have been encouraged to pray through the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6 during my devotion time. The thought came from a booklet entitled Meeting With God by John Loftness and is put out by Sovereign Grace Ministries. It takes the prayer phrase by phrase and offers suggestions about how to pray specifically for each part. I am still working through this, but wanted to share some of the fruit from this.

The phrase that is most on my mind is "your kingdom come..." With all that is happening in the world today I just want to see God's kingdom and his rule here on earth. Here are some lyrics from a song my old pastor wrote that I am singing and meditating on today.

Lord, come again.
Take us up to your throne,
where we'll praise you and adore you,
forever and forever.
Lord, I bow to your will
for my life as I wait
for your glorious appearing,
when we behold Thy face.
Please come quickly Lord,
please come quickly Lord,
we long to see your majesty,
the glory of your purity.
Please come quickly Lord,
please come quickly Lord.
Our hearts await redemption day.
Come quickly Lord we pray.

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