August 18, 2008


Heaven is a topic that has been recently discussed in our home. Part of the reason is I read Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn and my hubby is reading his book Heaven.

But I thought that I would share some of the good conversations that have come from these discussions.

To start with I want to give some context. I have always been fearful when I think of heaven. This may seem strange to you seeing that I love God and trust him with my heart and soul. But the thought of heaven seems so "out there" and not connected to here. (I am wondering if there are many people who think this way too) I am starting to break away from these fearful thoughts and I am finding joy in thoughts of heaven now.

When I get some of them unscrambled from my head I will share. Please feel free to comment or e-mail me as I would love to share your thoughts on heaven too.

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  1. Heaven's a difficult topic--mostly because what don't really know about about it. The descriptions the Bible gives are all metaphorical, trying to show us with earthly concepts, how great it will be. And it gets more confusing when you try to factor in the "new earth" from Revelation 21. Is that the same as Heaven, or something different?

    I think for too long Christians have tried to push Heaven as the goal for non-believers. Jesus never tells us to believe in Him so that we can get into Heaven. It's all about following Him just to be with Him. And I think that's the focus of Heaven--being in communion with our Creator.