August 16, 2008

The Joy of Giving...

On Friday (in an attempt to do something crafty and keep my kids busy) my children made cards for people. I pulled out old Christmas and birthday cards and wrapping paper to let them choose the type of card to make.

Jared wanted to make a card for our babysitters who would be here that night. So he found all the flowers he thought would make them smile and pasted them on some paper.

Peter wanted to make a card for his new cousin, Jordan. So he found some wrapping paper with babies on it and had me cut out the boy babies for him to paste on his paper.

Nienna just used the glue stick like a marker and "colored" her paper purple. :)

But in the end I was rebuked and reminded how much joy you receive in giving. It turned out to be a time of joy for me - not just a tactic to keep my kids out of trouble. Thank you God for that!

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