August 19, 2008

Heaven, part 1...

I think I will start at the beginning of the 'fear' I had about heaven.

My biggest struggle has come in the area of community. I have been fine with going to heaven to be with God, but I have wondered how people fit into the situation. I know that all those who are saved will be there. But I also know that there will be no marriage. This has gripped me with much fear as my husband is my best friend and I am very close with my family. It seemed to me that there would only be this worshipping and sharing with God and all the relationships that are built on earth have no bearing in heaven.

I will give you the main Scripture that I claim for evidence I will have people around me and a relationship with them. That is Matthew 22:36-40 where Jesus tells us the greatest commandment. My thought is that if on earth our greatest command is to love God completely and then love others as ourselves why wouldn't this also be true in heaven. God wouldn't have put others on our hearts to not let us have them on our hearts in heaven too.

I guess that is where our discussion has gone. May it bring some study and discussion for you too - and maybe some encouragement too.

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  1. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around this one, too. I don't think I've given it as much though as you have, but my (perhaps naive) resolution is basically that the greatness of heaven is so far beyond my comprehension that the lack of marriage or relationships as I know them will make sense only when I can finally experience that greatness.