August 28, 2008

Heaven, part 3...

Last night there was a thunder storm in our area. Around 11 pm our son Jared crawled into our bed scared of the storm. Of course, he fell asleep quickly and the storm didn't last long, but it reminded me of an idea Randy Alcorn mentioned in his book Heaven.

Randy Alcorn wondered if there will be natural disasters on the new earth. He speculated about the possibility of having thunder storms, tornados, earthquakes, etc. on the new earth and because it is the new earth and we have glorified bodies we won't be scared or hurt. We might ride out a tremor and then praise the Lord for his power. Or ride in a tornado and not be hurt?

There is, of course, no evidence of any of this in the Bible, but again it is a way to stretch your imagination about God and his wonder and power.

To experience God's power first hand and not be scared away but awed at his majesty is something I would greatly enjoy. I also long for my son to see God in his glory and not be so terrified out of his mind he doesn't want anything to do with God.

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