August 27, 2008

Heaven, part 2...

Talking about heaven really stretches your imagination. I think that might be why we were given the ability to imagine... What do you think?

Nate and I have had a lot of joy and fun trying to imagine what we will do in heaven. God has put dreams and desires in all of us that we strive for (sometimes without thinking about it) and I believe that will be our work in heaven. We will be "known as we are known" now.

In order to imagine what we will do in heaven we start out with our greatest dream and then try and put it in a sin-free atmosphere. This step is hard to do. There is so much sin in what we do now that it is hard to imagine no sin.

My greatest dream and desire to accomplish is to take things and find their natural beauty and bring that out to its greatest extent. I don't know what this would entail in heaven, but here on earth I try and do this through my home, my garden and my self. This falls short many times, but I long for heaven when I fail because in heaven I won't be hindered with failure. I think that I will see and find beauty in things and people and God and then after a while I will discover there is a deeper beauty and work to bring that out. Maybe that is what I will do for God is heaven?

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