August 29, 2008

Heaven, part 4...

I read this from Randy Alcorn's book 50 Days of Heaven this morning. I think it sums up why I am focusing on Heaven so much.

Perhaps you are thinking, But our eyes should be on the giver, not the gift, and thus, We ought to focus on God, not on Heaven. But this perspective erroneously divorces our experience of God from life, relationships, and the world--all of which God graciously gives us to draw closer to him. It also sees the material realm and other people as God's competitors rather than as instruments that communicate his love and character. It fails to recognize that because God is the ultimate source of joy, and all secondary joys derive from him, to love secondary joys on this earth can be--and in Heaven always will be--to love God, their source.
I truly want all things to point me to God who is my greatest desire. Heaven is just a tool to see more of God. May we all see the "invisible things" of God in the world and people around us and let them drive us to long for more of God face-to-face!

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