June 10, 2008

Just fun...

1. I am listening to the theme song from a PBS show Word World and Peter has started his ritual again. Imagine him standing in front of the TV with these words being sung: "Welcome to the place where words come alive. Let's build a word, Word World." (Peter is clapping his hands the whole time) "Jump to your feet, clap your hands in the air." (He's doing just that) "Nothing's better than a letter; they hold our world together." (He twists around while jumping) As the music continues, he runs to the couch and very quickly flips himself upside down on the cushions to watch the rest of the song that way. This is his normal routine for every episode.

2. On Friday night we visited the Children's Museum. In the Work room with all the water games and huge bubble vat we were having fun with our cousins. Out of the blue I turn around and Nienna is completely naked. I think she wanted a bath! I was able to quickly grab her and her clothes and make a beeline for the bathroom. My boys say that was their favorite part of the whole trip - even more than Candyland.

Goes to show mommy only needs God for her security, because her kids will be cute, unpredictable and embarrassing. But I will by God's grace keep loving them and be able to see the humor and joy of raising little kids.


  1. 1. We don't usually get to watch Word World, but Anders gets into Super Why in a similar fashion.

    2. Nienna's streak was an unforgettable part of the night--it still makes us chuckle at how quickly she could do it.

    We had a great time--it was really good to get to know you a little and see your husband again after a long time.

  2. Embarrassing? Is it even possible for mom's to be embarrassed? Okay, yeah, it is, but don't worry, we'll repay them when they are teens! Squee!