July 29, 2011

A giving heart...

The kids set the table and picked the flowers.

One thing my husband has instilled in my kids is a desire to give; especially when it is to someone they love or think mom and dad love.

To celebrate our 11th anniversary we had a special meal with our kids. When I told them that we were making a special meal to suprise daddy they all pitched in and helped for the whole day!


We made cream puffs, chicken pot pie and garlic bread. We also had balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip the bread in and sparkling grape juice to drink.

Cream Puffs

The kids helped with food prep and setting the table. Then we all waited  anxiously for daddy to come home. (It is amazing how long 10 minutes can be) :)

I am so thankful that God is working in my kids hearts and giving them the joy of serving others with love. I pray that it continues to grow and spread to everyone they meet...

A wonderful family celebration!

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