December 31, 2010

Christmas Surprise!

Our Christmas and New Year's went by rather quickly, but there were many blessings to be thankful for. The one that tops the list was a surprise visit from the man who fixed our electricity back in June. He, his wife and son showed up at our house on Christmas Eve with a new bunk bed for our boys. They also brought a large pan of very yummy lasagna, biscuits and presents for each of us.

The surprise wasn't what made this the best blessing of the holiday, it was the bed. You see, Peter had asked me about getting a new bed because his other one (our old love seat) was getting too small for him. I told him that we would have to pray about God providing a new bed for him. This was back in the beginning of November.

When Peter found out he had a new bed he started running around the house and yelling "Thank you God, thank you God". It is a priceless moment when your child realizes that God cared for him and answered his prayer. And this prayer was answered in a huge way. We have a bunk bed with attached dresser and desk - it fills their little upstairs room.

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