April 1, 2010

Good Intentions...

I have been contemplating on starting a bit of a 'series' again - mostly explaining why I have chosen the books and CD's listed on the left of my blog - but I am finding that rather hard. So I think I will let you know why and see what comes from this. I may end up doing it after all...

Here is the biggest hinderance to my starting this: I forget what made me pick them in the first place. :)

I know that sounds crazy, but let me explain. I am a person who does not grow in anything by leaps and bounds. My husband is that kind of person. He grows with lightening strikes and by diving in head first. I, on the other hand, grow slowly and steadily. I learn something and then my life is changed and I move on forever changed. That strength is now a weakness in that I forget where I came from. I have a tendency to not remember the steps God took to bring me some place. This is where a journal would have come in handy... I could look back and see where I came from. But alas, that is not a discipline I have.

Needless to say, I am asking you to pray with me as I fight through this to remember what God taught me and share it with you. I also am praying that God will help me to write down the thoughts and victories I find in the future, so I can share them while they are still fresh in my mind.

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