March 22, 2010

Thinking of myself...

It seems wrong to write something like that in my title doesn't it? It can sound selfish...but it is a good thing and the only thing I can remember from the sermon yesterday. :)

My dear Nate has a cold, so we were in the back to avoid sneezing on anyone. That meant, of course, that we were around restless kids and other sick people wandering around the lobby. So with all those cute little children around I was rather distracted from listening to Pastor John. However, I did hear enough to be exhorted about my home and how I interact with my kids.

The sermon was the last in a series on Spiritual Parenting. The text was from Micah 7 on a family that was is a terrible situation where everyone was against each other. I know that my home is nothing like the home described in Micah 7, but there are days when I feel like everyone is against everyone. Where we all are looking out for our own interests and seeing everyone else's faults as worse then our own. In fact, this morning started out that way...

But the hope in all this, the hope that I am praying I rest on today, is that like the father in Micah my hope is in God. That sounds all high and loftly, so here is how I practically break that down...

No matter the state of my home and children, my heart is to be right toward God. I must do what is required of me (and be broken and repent when I do wrong) and not expect my kids to change just because I teach or discipline them. I leave that up to God, because I can't change their hearts. So my desire and prayer is that I do my work and responsibilities and rest in God's sovereignty for my home today.

Heavenly Father, please help my desire to be for you today and not in my kid's obedience. Help me to do what is right, but be humble enough to admit my sins. Forgive me for my hopelessness this morning and help me to hope in you and your work in my home - even when I don't see it. In Jesus name, Amen.

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