January 6, 2010

Humble Leading...

I read part of John 13 with my kids this morning and exhorted them to ask God for guidance today to serve each other as Jesus served his disciples. But then God turned it on its head and convicted my heart. I was prompted to ask him for strength to serve my family today with a happy heart.

Most of the day was just a desperate plea over and over to keep my heart calm. However, near the time my husband was to arrive home God started to answer my prayer from the morning. He gave me a strength and energy to work on my home and get supper together and happily serve my family. He enabled me to work with my husband and guide my kids to help clean up our home. We were even able to finish all the work from before the holidays that was pileing up. For this I am truly gratedful... God is so good to give grace and strength in time of need. He is also so good to know when that need truly is.

I pray that he will continue to teach me how to humbly lead my children, care for my home and carry out all my other duties and responsibilities. That is part of the answer to not being so overwhelmed.

I'm glad God is patient and loving...

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