January 26, 2010

How is Christ all?

After a very hard day that was full of oppression and sin and despair, God was still there. Yesterday was monumentally hard. I woke up with internal jittering, fear, anger and a large feeling of being overwhelmed.

Sometime in the afternoon, God gave me a great mercy in letting my 3 children play together happily for almost 2 hours. This gave me the chance to pray and vent and hide in myself. Then with nothing that I did, God broke through. He gave me knowledge and trust that the thoughts that were overwhelming me were not something I needed to worry about. He had that taken care of and I didn't need to take it on myself. He took my anger and fear away. He gave me a peace. I still don't know what caused all of this, but whatever it was, it was God's plan.

This morning I read the following prayer based on part of the Lord's Prayer and it reminded me that the purpose for whatever happens to me isn't for me it is for HIM.

"Father in heaven, supply our wants, pardon our sins, and preserve us from evil, for yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, and you are Lord of all, who bestow your riches on all who call on you. Romans 10:12(ESV) None can forgive sins but you alone; Mark 2:7(ESV) let your power be great in pardoning our sins: Numbers 14:17(ESV) And since it is the glory of God to pardon sin, Proverbs 25:2(ESV) and to help the helpless, help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of your name; deliver us, and atone for our sins, for your name’s sake! Psalm 79:9(ESV)"

So Lord, may today be for the glory of your name's sake and not mine.

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