March 23, 2009

Providence, again and again...

Just like I heard on Sunday, "the light is already shining" I saw God tonight.

Today was one of those horrible days as a mom. I felt grumpy and didn't want to be around anyone, my kids either fought or got into everything or disobeyed, and the house looked like a tornado went through it. All I wanted to do when Nate got home was to sit on the couch and have a pity-party with my apathy.

Then, as Nate and I finished eating our supper (the kids were already in bed - they ate earlier). I started looking and praying through a chapter in a book about being a godly mom and Nate emptied the dishwasher we heard the boys singing something upstairs.

I seems that Jared was teaching Peter the words to a song they both like. Peter runs to the top of the stairs and says, "Hey Daddy, come up here for a sec, I want to sing you a song." Even though they were supposed to be asleep, Nate walked over there and listened. Peter started singing The Gospel Song by Bob Kauflin. These are the words:
Holy God in love became
Perfect Man to bear my blame.
On the cross He took my sin,
By His death, I live again.

Proof that God is in control of this house. He directed my kids to sing praises to him after a hard, long, sin filled day. That light was precious!!

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