February 4, 2009

Sick Kids...

This past Thursday my little girl caught the measles. Not sure where they came from, but we have them. Jared started with some symptoms on Monday - just waiting for Peter to break out.

As part of our resting time we are watching a couple movies - Toy Story 2, Cinderella. Since our TV is in the kitchen it makes it rather uncomfortable to sit for a long time watching something. So I moved the TV and DVD player to the living room so we can all cuddle on the couch. But that means our console is empty. Nienna decided that it was the perfect size for a bed and wanted to take a nap in there. Of course it didn't last long, but it made me smile, knowing that God will take care of us just like he gave her this joy in the midst of pain.

It is also a comfort to have such loving friends and family to call and encourage us during our "quarantine". God is good to us!

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