February 9, 2009


I always wonder if such a thing exists...

Take yesterday, for example. We stayed home from church just to not infect anyone with the measles. During the kid's quiet time Nate and I took some time to listen through a message together. We didn't get 15 minutes into it and we heard a scratching sound outside. We tried to ignore it and then the washer started making loud noises from an uneven load. So we paused the CD and fixed the washer. Before we started the message up again, the scratching got louder and now it sounded inside the wall. So Nate went outside to see if it was a squirrel on the roof. But we found a hole had been eaten through a piece of our siding near the roof and gutters. The squirrel was inside our wall! Then the washer started up again. :)

Now the "coincidence" is this ~ we were listening to a sermon on praying to God as our Father. There was a sense that both Nate and I had that we needed to do something. So instead of listening to the rest of the sermon we took some time to pray for whatever was on our hearts.

The washer finished without incident, we were able to clean and fill the hole in wall (no squirrel there anymore) and a peace came in our hearts knowing that whatever our Heavenly Father wanted us to pray for would be heard.

I still don't know what all that was about. However, God works in mysterious ways and maybe someday in heaven this will all make sense. It is surely no coincidence.

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