February 24, 2009

God's Hand is Everywhere...

After a wonderful, quick trip to North Chicago this weekend we were blessed with nice weather for the trip home. However, there was a weight of prayer on Nate and my hearts as we drove home.

Some dear friends of ours were experiencing difficulties with their church so we were praying for them. There was a meeting for their church between 4:00 and 6:00 pm that we were praying specifically for. Around 4:30pm we noticed a surge in our children's energy (this can be troublesome because they were strapped in a car seat for 2 hours) so we knew there could be a hindrance to us praying.

Just then we looked out the windshield at the sun (providence!) and there was a rainbow to the right of the sun. It was so clear that all 3 kids saw it. The amazing thing was there was hardly a cloud in the blue sky; it had not rained or snowed, and yet there was a rainbow!

Nate wisely commented that this was like the sermon we had heard that morning from Revelation 4 where God is pictured with a rainbow around his throne which shows he is a covenant-keeping God. Now here in front of our eyes was a picture of a promise from God. We were reminded of how God keeps that promise to never flood the earth, and we knew he would keep his promise to our friends - that God works for those that wait for him. He would answer this prayer.

Then to add to the joy we had, as soon as the prayer was over the rainbow was gone. But the sun shone brighter - almost blinding. That is definitely a picture of how God works: he gives a promise and it is fulfilled in his Son!!

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