December 8, 2008

Need to clarify...

I said in a recent post that the most mess I have is cereal or crackers on the floor. That was not quite right. Yesterday was proof of that.

It started with a small thump, thump. Then a rather weird sound. Then I thought someone was falling down the stairs. I ran to the stairwell and this is what I saw...

It turns out that my bright three-year-old daughter convinced her older brothers to gather everything, yes, EVERYTHING, out of her bedroom and help her throw it down the stairs as quickly as possible.

I am just thankful the rocking chair and toy box didn't put a hole in the wall at the bottom of the stairs.

The rest of the day followed suit and was rather hard. But the light in all the storm was one small phase I read in Jeremiah that morning: "Your Redeemer is strong."

God gave the ability to repeat and pray that over and over throughout my day. It was such a grace and faith builder in my soul.

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