November 20, 2008

Faith in Mothering...

This is the theme that girltalk blog is looking at this week. It has been an encouragement to me as this is an area that has been troubling me.

I find myself wanting to parent with the right principles from scripture and good discipline that isn't rooted in anger. But even when I succeed with these it doesn't seem to change anything in me or my kids. This is turning me to anger at all the "wrong" around me.

Last night my wonderful hubby shared something he learned when confronted with a sin he saw that he responded with seething anger toward. He overcame that anger with faith in the God who promised to overcome the world and its sin.

I fought this thought at first, thinking that it is my job to teach and train my kids. I get so frustrated at their repeated sins and angry at their inability to listen and learn. But I am mothering out of a sense of fear and entitlement (I should be obeyed because of all the work I put into this job). That is sin and unbelief!

So my prayer for the rest of this week - and the rest of my mothering - is that I place my children's responses and lives in God's hands. That is where they are and belong. I just need to trust him to complete the work he started in their lives and just do what I am called to do. This is harder than just following a set pattern of parenting. So I need God to work in me to change my heart and mind toward this.

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