September 22, 2008

Daughter of mine...

I am thinking about my little "monkey dragon" (as her daddy calls her). She is a monkey because she can scale our 6-foot fence faster then her older brothers and she has been known to climb out on our roof. She is a dragon because she loves to hoard things.

I find that whenever we are out of our house she is so friendly with everyone she meets. She is the first to say hi and smile. Then she asks all kinds of questions about the people she just talked to or she makes multiple statements about them. She desires to share all her information with anyone who will listen. Especially her latest joke (the punch line is always "I'm going swimming").
We all talk a lot in this house, but the passion and joy she adds is her gift from God. I am truly thankful for my little bundle of energy. I pray that she will find and know God and his passion and joy will make her more beautiful and friendly then she already is.

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