June 3, 2011

This was so neat...

Around the cities you will quite often find someone standing on the corner of an intersection with a cardboard sign. They usually say "Homeless: anything helps. God bless!" I don't always know the proper response to them as I don't usually have anything to give - money or practical - and I don't always know if they are honestly needy.

However, 2 days ago as we were driving home from school we passed an intersection where one older gentleman normally sits in his walker. There were 2  young men talking with him. They had given him a hot dog, water bottle and a bag of chips. As we waited for a green light we saw these men reach out and touch the older man on the shoulders and start praying for him.

I am not sure what the response of the older man was, as we had a green light and needed to move on. But seeing the heart and generosity of those young men to this older man was encouraging. I now know that he has been helped in a practical way and I know God heard the prayers of those men. I pray they will hold fast and that older man would see the answers to those prayers and his heart (and circumstances) would be changed.

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