July 24, 2010


What do you with frustration? I know that my response is definitely not godly. It usually leads me to anger and the need to 'bridle' my tongue. But I read an article on Hannah by John MacArthur this morning and was struck by a thought. It was the fact that Hannah didn't use her frustration of infertility and the jealous, nagging, second wife to draw her away from God. Rather, it drew her to God.

That was a good conviction...does my frustration make me more prayerful or more angry?

Heavenly Father, there is much in this world and my life that causes frustration. I know that this will always be a struggle - until you return - because of our sinful hearts and world. But Lord, please help me to remember that the trials you put in my way are for my growth as your child. May the hurts and frustrations be a reminder that I need your help in every area. May I learn to be like Hannah and not complain about them, but that I might pour out my heart to you. Because just like you answered Hannah, you will answer me. In Jesus name, Amen.

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