December 13, 2009

Advent, week 3...

This is a child's hymn from my very old Presbyterian Book of Praise. It is by Emily E.S. Elliott.

There came a little Child to earth
Long ago;
And the angels of God proclaimed His birth,--
High and low.
Out in the night, so calm and still,
Their song was heard;
For they knew that the Child on Bethlehem's hill
Was Christ the Lord.

Far away in a goodly land,
Fair and bright,
Children with crowns of glory stand,
Robed in white,--
In white more pure than the spotless snow;
And their tongues unite
In the psalm which the angels sang long ago
On that still night.

They sing how the Lord of that world so fair
A child was born;
And that they might His crown of glory share,
Wore a crown of thorn;
And in mortal weakness, in want and pain,
Came forth to die,
That the children of earth might in glory reign
With Him on high.

He has put on His kingly apparel now,
In that goodly land;
And He leads to where fountains of waters flow
That chosen band.
And for evermore, in their robes so fair
And undefiled,
Those ransomed children His praise declare,
Who was once a child.

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