November 23, 2009

When there is no more strength...

...what do you do?

What do you do when there is no strength left in you and you are needed to give more? What do you do when everyone else around you is weak and needs help and you feel ready to drop or hide in a corner and cry? The verse, "my strength is made perfect in weakness" comes to mind. :)

But just that isn't how you overcome. You need to trust that verse and the one who can sustain you: the one who is your strength. More than ever the thought that Jesus is the bread has been coming home to me. He is what I need.

My dearest Nate has shown me that many times and this past week I was given the grace to return the favor of serving him while being empty. God was good and sustaining.

You should test that some time. I recommend that you seek grace from your Father to serve someone in their time of need when you are empty. The experience is wonderful and will draw you toward humility and God's arms. I promise the strength will be there.

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