March 17, 2009


My kids love to go on trips. They are so excited and talk constantly about what they will do and where they will go and who they will see. Then we drive for 30 minutes in the car and we hear, "Are we there yet?".

This is how I have been recently. I am excited about spring coming. I am planning my gardening, landscaping changes, and spring cleaning. It is on my mind constantly. I write out lists, draw pictures, etc. But then I finish the lists and pictures, walk outside and see snow and mud everywhere and say, "How much longer?".

I realized this was just impatience and discontentment in my heart. Both are things I don't want there and I know shouldn't be there. Therefore, I will continue to pray and fight off impatience, but also look to the one who planned this spring to come in his time. For I know that he does all things well...

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