March 3, 2009

My Sin is Ever Before Me...

Yesterday was a day where I felt a pressure or foreboding presence on the whole day. The kind where you know everything is going to be hard or go wrong. But God gave me a spirit of peace and mercy to see how to use the craziness to help my kids.

Then a dear friend stopped over to visit and she was struggling with not being able to do what is right and feeling like God should give up on her and sometimes feeling like he already had. But God was good to keep her mind going back to trusting him and his word; especially when she couldn't see, because that is faith.

Finally Nate came home and was under the weight of condemnation. It had been a long, hard fought day at work and he came home to the pressure and craziness of me and the kids and was overwhelmed. But God gave forgiveness and love and allowed us to end the night strong and trusting and peaceful.

As a finale, God brought this song to mind as we were ending the day before the throne, and I was truly thankful for his saving grace!

My Sin Is Ever Before Me Lord
by Ron Hamilton
My Sin is ever before me, Lord;
I bow my heart in shame.
Condemned and guilty I come to you
And call upon your name.
Forgive me, Lord.
Forgive me, Lord.
And wash me white as snow.
My sin is ever before me, Lord;
Oh, claim me as your own.
Break down each idol,
Cast out each foe,
And make my heart your throne.

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