January 8, 2009


I have been rather overwhelmed with everything in my home the first few days of 2009. It has brought anxiety and anger out of me that I haven't known how to deal with.

My wonderful husband and friends have encouraged me and prayed for me in this and Christ has rewarded their service to me with understanding. God has shown me that my home is his and he is in control of it, not me. I can do nothing to make it better or worse. I have realized that I must trust him with my current circumstances. This is a simple matter of trusting that God is good and will work things out for good because I love him and am called by him. It is amazing how hard a small matter can become when it is in a sinful heart...

One major thing I need to change is my habit to never finish what I start. I always start with a flourish, then start dwindling and set the project aside. This could include my knitting, my housework, homeschooling stuff, spiritual disciplines, etc.

God is teaching me to combat this with asking and trusting him to show me what is a priority and work on that until it is done. Then I will move on to another inspiring project. The part I will struggle with the most is the constant ideas and projects that pop into my mind at any given moment. (I should probably keep them in a notebook and not mull them over until the time I need to do something about them) :)

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