October 29, 2008

God uses all kinds...

I started reading Matthew this morning and got stuck on the first few verses of Christ's genealogy. It surprised me all the crazy people and situations his line had.

Here is the list:
Perez the son of Tamar from Judah ~ Tamar is Judah's daughter-in-law (not his wife) and Perez is a twin who wasn't the first-born because his brother's hand came out first.
Boaz, who was Rahab's son ~ Rahab was a harlot from Jericho.
Obed, Boaz's son from Ruth ~ A Moabite (a major enemy of Israel)
Solomon, David's son from Bathsheba ~ She is only called "the wife of Urriah" because of the affair and murder that happened between her and David

This brings hope to my heart in a couple of ways. First, God uses all kinds of people to complete his plan. Their failures and sins aren't a deterrent to his plan - in fact they usually a planned step.

Second, my failures and sins are part of God's plan for my life. This doesn't mean I will go out and sin on purpose. But when I do fall and sin, God uses that to teach and mold me into what he wants me to be. I can truly believe Phil. 1:6 that he will complete his work in me.

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