September 26, 2008

Picture of God?

I recently finished reading Julie Andrew's biography Home: The Early Years. It was an interesting read that left me with a new view of her.

There was one incident in the book that I couldn't get out of my mind for days. I felt very distraught over the whole thing, but after discussing it with God and Nate it made sense to me.

The story goes like this: when Ms. Andrews was just starting out on Broadway there was a director who took her under his wing to train her. In order to help her along he told his wife that he wished he could take Julie to a hotel room for a weekend and make love to her so that when the weekend was over she would be a star.

This hit me as outrageous and immoral. I couldn't believe what I read. It haunted me so much I had dreams about it. In an effort to remove this from my mind I started praying that I would understand what was going on. Thankfully, God answered that prayer and in a way showed me that this director was being a picture (though a distorted one) of what God does with me.

He sees what we should be, or could be in Christ. He takes us under his wing, loves us, and molds us into the image of Christ. The process can sometimes be hard and painful, but we end with trusting him deeply and with being perfected and complete.

I now pray for Julie Andrews. I pray that the care and concern she saw in this director would be transferred to God as he can make her into more than a "star", he can make her his child.

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