August 12, 2008

Crazy times...

I have times during my days that are crazy - crazier then normal. They are always situations that involve many crises at the same time. Take for instance Monday afternoon.

Nienna is whining for a bottle, Jared just fell off his bike and is screaming instead of crying (don't worry it was just a scrape on his shoulder), Peter is being very foolish and throwing water around, 1 neighbor kid is sneaking around the kitchen looking for food and 1 other neighbor kid is tapping me on the shoulder asking for food. How do I pick which is most important and then relay that to the kids calmly?

This time I just started getting as hysterical as the kids were. I forgot how simple it is to remember that a deep breath with a prayer is how wisdom comes.

So with the writer of Proverbs I will desire and seek after wisdom. Then pray for it to come and help me see and show my kids (and the neighbor kids) that God brings peace and order and we just have to trust him for the situation to calm down.

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