May 26, 2008

My response

After some feedback from my wonderful hubby, I see that I need to include how I saw the light after an inssane day. So in response to the 21st of May, God showed Himself very brightly in the laughter from my sister and hubby as they responded to my day. God views all this in His plan and I need to be reminded of the strength that comes from His joy. So now I can laugh with them and see what God was working in me that day. Praise Him for his mysterious ways!

Last night we had the possiblity of a tornado passing through town. Thankfully it just blew over into Wisconsin. But the wind and clouds were unbelievable! Dark, swirling and forboding. In the midst of all the clouds there was one crack of sun shining through. It was such a marvelous picture of how God brings light into my life. There are large, dark clouds that loom and bring despair and sometimes fear. But then out of the clouds there shines one tiny beam of brilliant light with the hope of blue skies behind it. Glorious!

I took a picture of it and once I get it downloaded I will post it here.

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  1. Oh I want to see that picture! Thanks for including what the Lord's light was in your day! I am laughing also at your morning. What would we do without the Hope of Jesus?! Those days would be ten times harder! Keep sharing your daily adventures!